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The F-05 was awarded with the highest distinction: Haute Fidélité Référence on
French hi-fi magazine Haute Fidélité.

f05 haute_fidelite_reference
f05 haute_fidelite_reference

Esoteric is not oriented towards the simplification of the circuits, the Japanese firm is seeking rather the best ratio performance / price: this is noticeable in the judicious choice of the components (Muse 8820, Suncon and KMG), but also on the aspect of the equipment. On this point, the new Esoteric F-05 has absolutely nothing to envy its direct competitors with, as a bonus, a superb sound reproduction, dense, articulate and nuanced. No downside has tarnished the performance and musicality of the Esoteric F-05: our tests however picky and demanding were not able to put him in difficulty, by revealing with elegance and brio his personality. The Esoteric F-05 is one of the best integrated amplifiers of the moment (Philippe David Issue Nー221).

Full review PDF (French)