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 Power Cord 7N-PC9700 MEXCEL

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MEXCEL Stressfree Power Cord

Material, design and engineering all elements vital for pure signal transfer were technically investigated to provide the ultimate in reproduction quality. ESOTERIC® top of the line 'MEXCEL®' power cord Hear everything as it was meant to be through components powered with ESOTERIC MEXCEL!

MEXCEL technology

The engineering design of 'MEXCEL' conductors is to reduce skin effect. Skin effect is the tendency of an AC signal to travel near the surface of a conductor and cause the resistance of the conductor to increase with the frequency of the current. 'MEXCEL' conductors are made from a number of separately-insulated wire strands, specially twisted together to increase the surface area of conduction. This design greatly reduces the skin effect and lowers high frequency resistance, resulting in flat impedance response over the entire frequency range. Thanks to extended frequency and flat impedance response, the 7N-PC9700MEXCEL delivers ultimately pure AC power to the system.

Pure conductor / Stressfree annealing technology

The 7N-PC9700MEXCEL incorporates high purity "Stressfree" copper conductors. The material purity of conductors used for critical areas is 7N (99.99999%) copper. This high purity material was originally developed for the semiconductor industry which requires an extremely high level of quality certification, and guarantees 7N purity with less-than-0.01 ppm (parts per million), of metallic impurities. This quality level is maintained by using 'GD-Ms' high precision material analysis technology. The high purity copper wire uses special "Stressfree" annealing technology to minimize distortion of the crystalline structure of the copper. This new power cord also features extra-large crystalline structure conductor technology, "D.U.C.C." (Dia Ultra Crystallized Copper) in order to farther optimize the high purity and conductivity of the power path.

- D.U.C.C. Stressfree 7N (99.99999%) Cu "MEXCEL" litz wire
- 7N Cu multi-strand core conductor (x2) / 4.5N Cu ground line (x1)
- Polyurethane coat 4N Cu braid + semi-conductive carbon tape shielding
- Newly designed, low dielectric dual-layer insulation
(Anti-resonance polyolefin layer + polyolefin layer with tungsten, amorphous and carbon powder)
- Ultimate quality power plug / IEC connector
- Heavy weight aluminum + Carbon fabric connector sleeve

The 7N-PC9700MEXCEL is an upgraded version of the 7N-PC9500MEXCEL and incorporates newly designed low dielectric dual-layer insulation. The plug set features our highest quality silver + rhodium plated beryllium copper contact elements for ultimate conductivity and high mechanical strength that can withstand an 8 kg load. In order to control micro resonance, connector sleeves are precisely machined from solid aluminum and are quite heavy. Carbon fabric sleeves are attached to reject RF noise from entering the electric power path. The cable incorporates high purity, D.U.C.C. (Dia Ultra Crystallized Copper) 7N Cu "MEXCEL" conductor produced by our Stressfree annealing technology. Newly designed dual-layer inflation consists of an anti-resonance polyolefin layer and polymeric polyolefin-hybrid insulation layer (made from polyolefin + tungsten, amorphous and carbon powder). This new dual-layer construction is not only extremely low dielectric but also provides excellent mechanical / electrical noise absorption capability to this power cord. The outer jacket is made of UV resistant polyurethane to protect the cable form chemical and mechanical aging.

Model 7N-PC9700 MEXCEL
Cable Type Screened 3 core cable
Conductor Hot D.U.C.C. Stressfree 7N Cu MEXCEL / 0.32φ x 50
Cold D.U.C.C. Stressfree 7N Cu MEXCEL / 0.32φ x 50
Ground Super-anneal 4.5N Cu / 0.32φ x 50
Conductor jacket Polymer polyolefin
Insulation Anti-resonance polyolefin layer + Polymeric polyolefin-hybrid layer
(polyolefin + tungsten, amorphous and carbon powder)
Shield Polyurethane enameled 4N Cu braid
Semi-conductive carbon tape
Outer Jacket UV resistant polyurethane
External Diameter 16 mm
Resistance 2.0 m Ohms / m
Capacitance 10 pF / m
Maximum ampacity 50 Ampere
Connector Types IEC / Wall plug US
Connector Esoteric ultimate power plug / IEC connector
with beryllium copper contact elements (silver + rhodium plating)
Standard Sales Units / Lengths 1.5m* x 1
* Custom lengths of this power cord, made to order, can be manufactured at extra cost.
- Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.



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