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ESOTERIC I-05 Integrated Amplifier
I-05 Integrated Amplifier
Ongen Publishing "Visual Grand-Prix 2016"    Ongen Publishing "Visual Grand-Prix 2016"
Integrated amplifier category (¥200,000 - 500,000)

  • Stereo "Best Buy Component 2015"
    Integrated amplifier category (¥350,000 - 700,000)

Ongen Publishing "Visual Grand-Prix 2015 Summer"    Ongen Publishing "Visual Grand-Prix 2015 Summer"
Integrated amplifier category (¥200,000 - 500,000)
Ongen Publishing "Visual Grand-Prix 2015"    Ongen Publishing "Visual Grand-Prix 2015"
Integrated amplifier category (¥200,000 - 500,000)
Ongen Publishing "Visual Grand-Prix 2014 Summer"    Ongen Publishing "Visual Grand-Prix 2014 Summer"
Integrated amplifier (¥200,000 - 500,000)
Ongen Publishing "Visual Grand-Prix 2013" Silver Prize    Ongen Publishing "Visual Grand-Prix 2013"
Integrated amplifier category (¥200,000 - 500,000) Silver Prize
Ongen Publishing "Audio Excellence Award 2013 " Bronze Prize    Ongen Publishing "Audio Excellence Award 2013" Bronze Prize
Stereo Sound "2012-2013 Best Buy Components"    Stereo Sound "2012-2013 Best Buy Components"
Integrated amplifier category (¥200,000 - 500,000)
Ongen Publishing "Analog Grand-Prix 2013"   Ongen Publishing "Analog Grand-Prix 2013"

  • Stereo "The Best Value Component Of The Year"
    Integrated amplifier category
  • Stereo "Best Buy Component 2012"

Master Sound Works

Audio expression, symphonic beauty, artistic passion, a concert hall spatial feel and the excitement of the audience. Esoteric's Master Sound Works is an audio product concept that recreates all of the music information in original master recordings with the most state of the art technology available today.

Nothing to add. Nothing to delete.
Luxury is to enjoy the beauty as it really is.
Here are the ultimate audio technologies for music reproduction.
Master Sound Works - Esoteric's fundamental philosophy - conveys every musical impression captured in original master recordings directly to ears of the listeners.
This inexhaustible pursuit has given birth to the I-05, Esoteric's new integrated amplifier.
Preceded by the I-03, in which the technologies and know-how were established in a separate type amplifier bear fruit, the I-05's slim chassis contains the essence of the I-03's design topology which is rugged yet smooth.
With the I-05, your favorite recordings will sound enhanced - as if you are hearing the perfect pure beauty of music you have never experienced before.

I-05 B Integrated Amplifier

I-05 B (black color model)

Esoteric MSW* Pure Class D Mono Block Power Amplifier
*MSW= Master Sound Works

Introducing the design know-how of professional studio-use power amplifiers

The power amplifier is at the core of our integrated amplifier, the I-05. Esoteric has introduced techniques collected through the trials of designing professional studio-use power amplifiers into the power amplifier sections of I-05. The power amplifier of the I-05 continuously balances outstanding drive power along with natural tones and conveys the essence of a master sound recording regardless of the size and efficiency of the speaker combinations being used.

Esoteric's MSW Pure Class D power amplifier with dual mono architecture

Esoteric MSW Pure Class D The I-05 is equipped with a MSW Pure Class D power amplifier that uses the latest high-speed MOS-FET devices in a 2-parallel configuration to achieve superior speaker drive performance. This circuit uses separate power amplifier blocks mounted in a dual mono architecture. This allows each channel to obtain a high practical-use maximum output of 190W+190W (6Ω).

Linear (analog) power circuit supplying strong driving performance

Linear (analog) power circuit The power circuit is equipped with a high capacity custom EI core transformer that generates tenacious yet silky sound quality. The smoothing condenser achieves a great balance between high capacity and low impedance by means of a parallel connection of four circuits to each channel. Also, strategic placement of the power amplifier on the board shortens the signal path, which means a faster power supply.
Furthermore, the high speed Schottky barrier diode is used for its low noise when rectifying. The linear power source, which boasts low noise and abundant power, contributes greatly to the unit's excellent sound quality.

* The power source of the amplifier is the heart that determines the performance and tonal quality of the amplifier.
The I-05 satisfies both pure and warm tones along with strong driving performance by combining the traditional linear (analog) power source and the latest amplifier stage which easily drives even low-efficient speakers.
This might even give the listener a feeling that there are no speakers at all.

Full-balance Designed Dual-mono Preamplifier

Full-balance preamplifier circuit Full-balance preamplifier circuit thoroughly suppressing noise

The preamplifier is carefully designed carrying over the award-winning technologies introduced into the C-03. The application of a fullybalanced configuration reduces noise to the limit. The mounting point is located at the rearmost area of the chassis, which is closest to the input terminal.

Esoteric-QVCS (QVCS = Quad Volume Control System)

By turning the volume knob, the variable volume gain of all four circuits - right and left channels, positive and negative powers - are activated by control signals that are transmitted to the preamplifier. In this way, the system keeps left and right audio signals independent from each other and from positive to negative. The benefit being that sounds are heard clearly with good channel separation and accurate phase characteristics. Furthermore, the deletion of a cable from the audio board to the volume device radically shortens the audio signal path and thus stops sound deterioration. The volume device uses the New JRC"MUSES,"tried-and-trusted for its sound quality.

Low noise operation capable of reproducing minute dynamics

The control board for the entire Esoteric-QVCS is physically separated from the preamplifier board.
A measure is being taken here also for downright low noise operation, which is to completely stop the control microcomputer, unless the operation launch is accepted.

Functions utilized by the high grade preamplifier

Functions utilized by the high grade preamplifier Functions utilized by the high grade preamplifier The preamplifier is equipped with a PRE OUT terminal system, accepts biamp configuration and also serves as a fully-balanced dual-mono preamplifier so as to be compatible to future system upgrades. The headphone terminal is available for personal listening using your favorite pair of high-quality headphones.

  • Sufficient input terminals (RCA x3, PHONO x1, and XLR x1)
  • Machined copper alloy RCA terminals excellent in conductivity and durability
  • Fine-tuning of gain levels available for each of the right and left channels, balance and inputs
  • MM/MC PHONO input
  • AV through function useful in the system environment where two channels, for AV surround coexist.
  • Five types of volume curve options(*)
  • High grade aluminum remote controller for the Esoteric SACD/CD player attached
XSufficient input terminals (RCA x3, PHONO x1, and XLR x1) aluminum remote controller

These options allow you to choose an ideal volume curve from five presets match with the efficiency of your speakers. This option will also offer an ideal operational feel you prefer to drive any types of speakers of different sensitivity.

Highly Rigid Chassis
Constriction - Inheriting the Philosophy from the I-03

Highly rigid, low noise chassis construction

Highly rigid, low noise chassis construction

The I-05's internal chassis features three separate compartments each accommodating different circuit blocks so as to increase rigidity and reduce interference and noise between these circuits. The power transformer is placed in the center compartment and fixed to the bottom chassis through the 3.2mm thick steel base plate.

The entire chassis is supported at three points using Esoteric's proprietary steel insulators for effective vibration suppression. This new chassis design, which was originally introduced in the K series and the I-03, ensures excellent rigidity and extremely low noise. The orientation of the three compartments allows us to develop circuits with the shortest possible audio signal path.

Precisely machined aluminum chassis and mechanical parts

Precisely machined aluminum chassis and mechanical parts The I-05 has inherited the rounded form design of Esoteric's flagship models. Thick billet aluminum materials have been used for the front, top, side panels and front corners. The preamplifier volume control and input selector have been machined from one continuous aluminum block. The precisely tooled, rounded ergonomic design offers a sleek appearance as well as an ideal balance for operational control.

Beautiful rounded form commensurate with fine furniture

The high quality rounded form, inherited from its predecessors and the"slender I-03"design, has been incorporated into this new integrated amplifier. Combined with any of the K series SACD/CD players, which also utilize the round form design,creates a unique look that is similar to a suite of furniture.

Bold and delicately sleek round body form

Speaker Outputs
Rated output power 120 W + 120 W (1 kHz, 6 Ω)
Maximum output power 190 W + 190 W (1 kHz, 6 Ω) (JEITA)
Total harmonic distortion 0.025 % (1 kHz, 6 Ω)
Frequency response 5 Hz - 70 kHz (+1 dB, -3 dB, 6 Ω)
Signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) 121 dB (JEITA)
Minimum required impedance 4 Ω
Speaker output terminals Screw type x 1 pair
Analog audio inputs
Connectors RCA x 3 pairs
PHONO x 1 pair
XLR x 1pair
Input impedance LINE: 470 kΩ / PHONO MM: 47 kΩ / PHONO MC: 100 Ω
Analog audio outputs
Jacks RCA x 1 palr
Output impedance 220 Ω
Power supply AC 230V 50Hz / AC 220V 60Hz
Power consumption 70 W
External dimensions
(W x H x D)
445 x 131 x 389 mm
(17 1/2″ x 5 1/8″ x 15 1/4″)
(including protrusions)
Weight 17 kg ( 37.5 lb)
Included accessories Power cord x 1
Remote control (RC-1301) x 1
Batteries for remote control (AAA) x 2
Owner's manual x 1
Warranty card x 1
- This product is available in two different power supply variations as shown in the chart above.
Make sure that the voltageshown on the rear panel matches the AC line voltage in your area.
- The shape of the AC inlet and plug of the supplied power cord depends on the voltage rating and destination country.
- Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.
- Weight and dimensions are approximate.

I-05 I-05 I-05
I-05 I-05
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