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ESOTERIC Sound Stream
ESOTERIC Sound Stream

Esoteric Sound Stream is an Apple iOS / Android application for tablets and smartphones designed with an emphasis on both sound quality and network playback operating ease.

Its basic operation simply entails selecting musical tracks using the tablet / smartphone to creating customized personal playlists, and playing the selections or playlists. All screens for key operation, playlists, library, etc. are arranged for easy viewing, enabling even users unfamiliar with the app to operate it with intuitive ease. Its high degree of refinement even meets the rigorous demands of advanced and experienced users.

Key to this achievement is the app's excellent search and retrieval performance, which takes full advantage of tag information. Since images are also cached in the app, album artwork can be instantly scrolled through and libraries can be freely sorted into such classifications as artist, year of recording, composer or category. This use of tag information even allows musical numbers of the same name which differ in format to be easily identified on the screen.

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