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Separate Digital Player System P-02 D-02
Separate Digital Player System

Delivers a stress-free musical experience in its original form to listeners.
Super Audio CD/CD Transport P-02 Dual Mono D/A Conveter D-02

Esoteric痴 P-02 SACD/CD transport and D-02 system DAC, aim at the highest level of audio performance, which is only possible using separate audio components, based on the company's basic product design concepts. The P-02 and D-02 have incorporated a number of new technologies such as "ES-LINK3" and "35-bit D/A processing." The P-02 and D-02 are new design implementations from Esoteric, which are totally dedicated to evolving the critical listening experience for music enthusiasts.

New technologies of the P-02 and D-02 systems

New ES-LINK3 makes broadband transmission possible

The P-02 and D-02 can perform to a level for 48-bit/176.4kHz ultra-broadband PCM digital transmissions using the new "ES-LINK3" format from Esoteric. These models also have support for the "Dual AES 8Fs" standard, (Maximum 24-bit/352.8kHz).

D/A processing in a 35-bit domain (patent pending).

This technology makes it possible to achieve both delicate and smooth sound quality with very high resolution by implementing even finer bit gradation, and offers a distinctive power of expression for extremely small audio signal levels.

Abundant use of high-grade components in the design

A total of eight independent toroidal core power supply units are installed in the combined transport/DAC system to supply clean and stable power to each circuit.

New dimensional isolated clock technology

The clocks circuits are assembled in modules that are completely isolated from the power supply, ground, and other circuit blocks. This newly developed clock module can provide the system with a pure clock output that is equivalent to (or that exceeds), single unit external master clock generators sold within the market.

Direct master clock LINK without PLL

A newly developed system called "Direct master clock LINK without Phase-Locked Loop (PLL)" can link the P-02 and D-02 via a 22.5792MHz master clock signal. This highly precise clocking capability makes it possible to use this new dimensional WORD sync function.

Support for 10MHz master clock input

Both the P-02 and D-02 are equipped with a dedicated clock input for a 10MHz sine wave. As a result, they can be connected to many types of external master clock devices.

Optional expansion to Super Audio CD multi-channel playback

The P-02 and D-02 are equipped with i.LINK terminals so that they can be expanded to perform Super Audio CD multi-channel playback by integrating three D-02 units.