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Super Audio CD/CD Separate Player

Reproduces highly detailed musical performances surrounded by extreme transparency - right down to the performer's breath -
Super Audio CD/CD Transport P-03 D/A Conveter D-03

The P-03 features VRDS-NEO mechanism and Integrated Separate-chassis construction that combines completely separated two sub chasses for power supply and transport mechanism, offering isolated and high power driving property within one-piece body styling.

With regard to digital output signal format, the P-03 newly features PCM to DSD signal convert function in addition to PCM signal up-convert function. You can enjoy different sound variation between two signal formats when you listen to your precious CD libraries.

The D-03 is a new stereo D/A converter based on the design concept of complete monaural style D-01.

The D-03 has completely L/R channel-separated components for power, analog audio circuit, etc. Each L/R component from power transformer through analog power circuit to analog audio circuit features completely identical layout pattern.

The D-03 features AD1955 DAC devices which are capable of processing both DSD and PCM signal format. ESOTERIC improved his original RAM-Link circuit to cope with both PCM and DSD signal format. The RAM-Link circuit is used for temporal data storage for incoming digital signal to reduce jitter in combination with the high precision clock operation. With these progressive features, the D-03 offers the highest performance as a stereo D/A converter ESOTERIC has ever produced.

The brushed finish thick aluminum front/side panels and 8-mm-thick Sandblasted finish top panel offer high rigid / no resonance chassis construction and contribute to the sense of quality found only in high-end audiophile equipment.