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Super Audio CD/CD Separate Player

The 20 years of ESOTERIC history has been a perpetual quest for ultimate digital source quality. The new Super Audio CD / CD separate component system is a new realization of our obsessive passion to create a moment of truth - a true musical emotion.
Super Audio CD/CD Transport P-05 D/A Conveter D-05

The P-05 features VRDS-NEO "VMK-5" mechanism - a completely new development by ESOTERIC, incorporating high reliability and exceptionally quiet turntable rotation. In combination with the P-03 series shaft-mounted pickup system, the "VMK-5" ensures the ultimate in disc-pit traceability.

The D-05 is the world's first high performance digital to analog conversion system incorporating full 32 bit processing "AK4397" Delta-Sigma DAC device. (*) Dual mono power supply and dual mono analog audio components for high musicality, following in the footsteps of the D-03 D/A converter.

Available 2007 Septemver. "AK4397" is a product of Audio4pro™ or brand by AKM Semiconductor, Inc., designed for professional and digital audio solutions.