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High-end Audio Video Elegance Series

The Elegance Series a new audio/video product line, designed and manufactured by ESOTERIC®, an award winning world leader in high-end audio and video systems engineering.
Super Audio CD/CD Transport SZ-1 Universal Player UZ-1
Digital Integrated Class  

A new, low-profile cabinet design

All three models are only 3 inches in height. This low-profile design highlights their simple beauty without sacrificing performance. Arrange them in line and you will find them highly attractive, designed to compliment each other within the environment or setting that you find most appropriate for product placement.

State-of-art front face architecture and disc tray designs

Exquisitely crafted (front panel) expresses sensitivity with detail that cannot be found in any mass market production design. The front panel is crafted from a 1.6 inch thick aluminum block, using 1-micrometer-precision 3D processing machines, taking a total of 8 hours to produce one panel. The rounded face is lined by a curved edge (aluminum surface), and the design continues on to the top and sides of each individual cabinet. The cut aluminum disc tray (being processed from a similar block of aluminum), takes up to 4 hours to produce and contributes to the artistic excellence of the front panel. Each aluminum disc tray is further enhanced to allow precise and careful handling of any audio or video disc that may be loaded and played. ( SZ-1 UZ-1AZ-1 )

Simple interface

The interface of this new series is quite unique. The rounded push panel switches placed on the streamlined front panel is operational keys used for commands to play, stop, pause, track select, open disc tray, etc.

Leather finished aluminum remote control with backlit keypad

Leather finish on the rear and sides of the remote controller allow the device to fit comfortably in your hands with little to no Åguser fatigue.Åh The remote control also features illuminated push buttons for basic operational control in low or no light situations.