Grandioso — a musical notation that directs a
passage to be played in a grand and majestic style.
ESOTERIC wisdom, technology… and passion.
All coming together to unveil new dimensions in
musical emotion.


The Italian word ‘Grandioso’ is a musical notation that
calls for ‘grandeur’ and ‘majesty’ in a performance.
Concentrating all of ESOTERIC’s wisdom and passion
into the demand for a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ bond
between music and listener, ‘Grandioso’ symbolizes
all the majesty and dignity one associates with this
flagship series.



One glance uplifts the spirit with a design that beckons
your touch. Befitting any discussion of music, its
organic form spontaneously invites you to listen.
With its silvery drapes bathed in blue, your
musical espectations surge forward to climax.


Musical Inspiration

The transparency of the sound stage.
Here, without a hint of stress, are set free the live,
exhilarating sensations of music — its delicate
articulation and musical warmth.
Such sound quality attains the goal of uncovering
a domain in which both sound engineer and performer
sensitivities resonate together.
Here dwells true musical emotion that transcends
the concept of original sound reproduction.


Made In Tokyo

Inspiring listeners and stirring the soul, each
Grandioso component is assembled by hand at
ESOTERIC’s Tokyo factory, one at a time, under the
strictest quality controls.
Proudly Made in Tokyo
Every person involved in the production of these fine
components shares this ideal.


Pride and Passion

Leading-edge acoustic engineering technologies bristling with innovation.
However, the heart is not moved by technological innovation alone.
The pure amplification of emotion is what drives speakers to their greates effect.
Responding to the listener’s deep love and respect for music with
the highest craftsmanship is our pride, our passion…and our mission.


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