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Stressfree 8N(99.999999%Cu) Audio Interconnect Cable 8N-A2000 BNC
8N-A2000 BNC
Stressfree 8N (99.999999% Cu) BNC Coaxial Cable


Ongen Publishing "Audio Accesory Award 2013" Gold Prize   Ongen Publishing "Audio Accesory Award 2013"
Digital cable category Gold Prize

Ongen Publishing "Visual Grand-Prix 2013"   Ongen Publishing "Visual Grand-Prix 2013"
Coaxial/Optical cable category Gold Prize

The ultimate audio experience

ESOTERIC 8N-A2000 BNC is designed as a true audiophile-grade BNC coaxial cable, best suited for 田lock signal interconnections between digital audio devices, or other applications where ultra-fast, high frequency signal transfer is required.

The material, design and sound engineering all of these elements vital for signal transfer were technically investigated to provide the ultimate level audio experience.


The ESOTERIC 8N-A2000 BNC incorporates 8N (99.999999%) high purity 都tress-free Cu (copper), conductors. This extremely pure and very rare material is manufactured by Nikko Materials Co., Ltd;(JX Nippon Mining & Metals) the one and only manufacturer in the world who produces 鍍rue 8N Cu material. The 8N Cu material was originally developed for the semiconductor industry which requires an extremely high level of quality certification. The 8N Cu guarantees 99.999999% purity and less-than-0.01ppm (parts per million), of metallic impurities. This ultimate quality level is maintained by using 賎D-Ms high precision material analysis technology. The 8N Cu wire uses special 都tress-free annealing technology to minimize distortion of the crystalline structure of the copper. This optimizes the high- purity and conductivity of the 8N-A2000 BNC.


Every design element of the 8N-A2000 BNC is dedicated to ultra-fast, high frequency clock signal transfer. The 8N-A2000 BNC incorporates tightly twisted 途ope spinning, multi stranding conductors. 5 individual 8N Cu wires together with silk thread are twisted to make 3 units of twisted strands, and these 3 units are twisted again to make a one 途ope conductor. This design ensures very tight conductivity of individual wire surfaces, eliminating space between each wire to minimize signal loss or distortion caused by random signal jumps between each wire. The center core insulation is made of polyolefin foam to achieve a low capacitance between the inner and outer group with minimal dielectric absorption. The heavy double layer shield: 6N Cu spiral shield and UEW (Polyurethane Enameled Copper Wire) braided shield, keeps out harmful RF noise completely. A carbon semi-conductive layer is added between the core and shield to drain harmful static charges. Thanks to these design elements, the 8N-A2000 BNC has ultimate transparency and very fast response as required for high frequency signal transfer.


The 8N-A2000 BNC is terminated with custom made, high quality BNC connectors. The center contact pin of the BNC connectors is machined from phosphor bronze and plated with 24K gold for superior conductivity. The plug sleeve is precisely machined from a solid aluminum block, and covered with a carbon ring. This sleeve is non-magnetic, therefore keeps signal free from deterioration, and carbon ring effectively controls vibration resonance to ensure clean clock signal transfer.

Cable type Dual layer screened coaxial
Conductor material Stress-free 8N (99.999999%) Cu
Conductor structure (0.12φ x 5) x 3 rope spinning
Charactoristic impedance 50 ohm
External diameter 6.6 mm
Connector BNC Contact Pin Phosphor bronze (24K gold plating)
Outer sleeve Solid aluminum + carbon ring
Standard sales units / lengths: 1.5 meter * x 1
* Custom lengths of this cable, made to order, can be manufactured at extra cost.
- Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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