MM/MC phono stage board option for the C-02 / C-03X

ESOTERIC “Master Sound Works” series linestage preamp is now available
with on-board MM/MC phono stage as an order option.

(Available from July, 2013)


“Dual mono” construction provides excellent signal separation between left and right channels.
MC load impedance value is selectable between 20, 100, and 300 ohms
Functions are easily accessible by using remote controller.
4-layer print circuit board achieves the shortest possible signal path.
Unique power regulator design minimizes unwanted sonic interference to the line stage.
Noise-free, shielded internal wirings.


Gain: MM 52 dB / MC 72 dB
Input sensitivity: MM 5 mV / MC 0.5 mV
S/N ratio: MM 91 dB / MC 76 dB
Input impedance (MM): 47 kΩ
Input impedance (MC): 20/100/300 Ω
Space between L and R input jacks: 22.5 cm

This option board is exclusively designed for the C-02 and the C-03X, and will not retrofit to the original C-03.
The installation of the board includes hardware and software updates of the main unit, thus can only be done at our factory. Please contact your local authorized ESOTERIC dealer for more information.
By installing this option, the third line input (RCA3) will be altered to a dedicated phono input.