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ESOTERIC D-05 Stereo D/A Converter
D-05 Stereo D/A Converter
High Performance Digital to Analog Conversion System
July,2007 release

Stereo Sound "Best Buy Components"    Stereo Sound "Best Buy Components"
D/A Converter (below ¥700,000)
Stereo Sound "Best Buy Components"    Stereo Sound "Best Buy Components"
Digital disc player category (above ¥1,000,000)

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    Digital disc player category (above ¥700,000) (P5+D5)

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D/A converter category (below ¥700,000)
Digital disc player category(above ¥1,000,000)
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Stereo Sound BEST BUY 2013-2014    Stereo Sound BEST BUY
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    D/A converter category (below ¥700,000) second prize

The Best Buy Component 2009-2010    Stereo Sound “The Best Buy Component 2009-2010”
D/A converter category (below ¥700,000) second prize

  • Ongen Publishing “Visual Grand-Prix 2008 Summer”
    Pure Audio Grand-Prix SACD separate player category top prize
  • Stereo Sound “Stereo Sound GRNDPRIX 2007“
  • Stereo Sound “The Best Buy Component“
    digital disc player category second prize,
    D/A converter category (below ¥700,000) top prize
  • Ongen Publishing “Audio Excellence Award 2007”
    digital player category winner
  • Ongen Publishing “Audio Excellence Award 2008”
    “Extra Prize”
  • Swing Journal “2007 19th Jazz Component Award”
    audio player category (above ¥300,000) third prize

The D-05 is the world's first high performance digital to analog conversion system incorporating full 32 bit processing "AK4397" Delta-Sigma DAC device. (*)
Dual mono power supply and dual mono analog audio components for high musicality, following in the footsteps of the D-03 D/A converter.

(*) Available 2007 September. "AK4397" is a product of Audio4pro or brand by AKM Semiconductor, Inc., designed for professional and digital audio solutions.

The world's first D/A converter incorporating full 32 bit processing DSD/PCM compatible D/A converter device (*)

D/A converter device The D-05 is the world's first D/A converter incorporating the "AK4397" Delta-Sigma DAC device from AKM Semiconductor, Inc., This device has 32 bit processing capability. (*) The "AK4397" was designed combining newly developed high speed/high capacity digital processing components and improved analog processing components providing premium quality sound reproduction. The "AK4397" has a highly precise D/A conversion capability thanks to its fully extended 32 bit processing throughout all stages, including digital filter and the Delta-Sigma modulator. The 32 bit processor also has enough room for 24 bit or lower data flow, and greatly contributes to high quality signal reproduction.

The analog processing component of the DAC device features a completely symmetrical L/R channel layout design. Each circuit component of the device has its own power supply to reduce crosstalk or interference between each circuit. The device's internal clock circuit also has its own power supply helping to reduce jitter produced within the device. The "AK4397" 32 bit processing DAC device combines the best properties of a 1 bit device and a multi-bit device. The D-05 is equipped with 1 chip per channel. With this implementation, the digital signal from a Super Audio CD is converted to a well defined, high-density and very smooth analog signal. The data stream from CD software is converted to a highly textured and detailed analog audio output signal.

(*) Available 2007 Sep. "AK4397" is a product of Audio4pro or brand by AKM Semiconductor, Inc., designed for professional and digital audio solutions.

PCM to DSD conversion function

An incoming PCM signal from digital devices (CD transport, DBS receiver, digital tuner, etc.) can be converted to DSD format signals. This conversion function allows customers to choose digital formats according to their preference, from PCM formats (etched sound imaging and revealing low level signal linearity), to DSD format (full ambience throughout the entire audio range, while also providing a very smooth sound quality).

Stereo D/A converter based on the same design concept of the dual mono D-03

DAC The D-05 has completely separate L/R channel components for power, signal conversion and analog audio output circuits. The D-05 was designed as a complete dual mono implementation. The D-05 follows the footsteps of the ESOTERIC mono-block D-01 and the dual mono D-03, combining two identical monaural D/A converter components into a one-piece body. This design concept provides even response between channels with extremely reduced crosstalk and exactly the same power-supply stability between channels. The D-03 proves the merits of these attributes in reproducing ambience and presence information recorded on the source; open acoustic space around the musical players, revealing the structure of instruments and the clear imaging of a concert hall environment.

Rich and high speed power supply capability - each channel with a dedicated power supply

A large toroidal transformer is used independently for each channel. Each transformer has a highly efficient power supply capability. These transformers provide power to the digital audio and analog audio circuits very quickly, without adding any noise or distortion to the signal path.

i.LINK (IEEE1394), interface with flow-rate-control

iLINK terminal Audio grade i.LINK (IEEE1394), circuit designed by ESOTERIC with flow-rate-control technology provides jitter free signal transmission. The D-05 controls the signal sending device (i.e. the P-05), by using a highly precise clock signal, optimizing the flow rate of the transmitted signal. This system fully enhances the performance and the overall quality of a Super Audio CD signal.
(i.LINK terminals: 4-pin ×1, 6-pin ×1)

Word Synchronization function with other digital components within the system

rear view The D-05 features two Word Synchronization modes; OUT mode and IN mode. When set to the OUT mode, the D-05 can supply a high quality and very stable word clock signal produced from its internal clock oscillator. When the D-05 is set to the IN mode, it is possible to control the D-05 with an incoming master clock signal from an external component. The D-05 can also input/output an ESOTERIC original 100kHz Universal Clock signal (Single freq. compatible w/ Super Audio CD/CD and DVD), in addition to standard clock signal frequencies; of 44.1/88.2/176.4/48/96/192 kHz.

PLL 2 (Dual PLL) mode, reduces jitter when connected to a digital source device with no WORD SYNC function

The input PLL circuit of the D-05 consists of two stages. You can choose "PLL1" (first stage only), mode and "PLL2" (Dual PLL), mode in accordance with the specification of the connecting device. The "PLL2" (Dual PLL), mode effectively reduces jitter and improves signal phase alignment, internally providing a highly pure master clock signal produced by the high precision clock oscillator of the D-05, to the DAC device of the D-05. This function can provide jitter reduction capability to a system which does not have a WORD SYNC function, applying stability, greater detail, and a highly musical sound to that system.

Highly rigid chassis construction for optimal resonance control capability

foot The front panel is made of thick extruded aluminum, and the top/side panels are made of 5 mm thick aluminum. Combined with three pinpoint isolation feet made of quenched steel, this chassis design isolates the unit from external vibration effects, allowing precise mechanism mounting and highly-rigid, resonance-free system construction. The 126 mm low-profile chassis (the same height as the P-05), enclosed by a brushed finish front panel and sandblasted side/top panels.

This design contributes to the sense of quality and stability found only in high end audiophile equipment.

Audio features Total harmonic distortion 0.002%
Frequency response
(Super Audio CD)
5Hz to 50kHz (+0.5dB, -3dB)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (S/N) 112dB (JEITA)
Input terminals Digital audio input i.LINK (AUDIO) terminal (6-pin ×1, 4-pin ×1)
XLR ×2 (Use 2 terminals for Dual AES output)
RCA ×1
Word clock input BNC ×1
(44.1/88.2/176.4/48/96/192/100 kHz)
Output terminals Analog audio output XLR ×1 (L/R)
RCA ×1 (L/R)
Word clock output BNC ×1
(44.1/88.2/176.4/48/96/192/100 kHz)
General Power supply AC 120V 60Hz
AC 220V 60Hz
AC 230V 50Hz
Power consumption 14W
Weight 13kg (28-5/8lbs)
Dimensions (W×H×D) 442×124×332 mm
- Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
- This product is available in three different power supply variations shown in the chart above. Make sure that the voltage shown on the rear panel matches the AC line voltage in your area.
- The shape of the AC inlet and plug of the supplied power cord depends on the voltage rating and destination country.

D-05 D-05

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