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Tragicomedia Directed by Stephen Stubbs / Bach Notenbüchilein Für Anna Magdalena Bach (1725)- A Selection -  |
Distributed exclusively by ESOTERIC COMPANY

■ Product ID: ESSW-90067
■ Format: SA-CD/CD Hybrid
■ Label: Teldec
■ DSD mastering / SA-CD layer: Stereo
■ Deluxe Digipak packaging

Classical masterpiece collection

The reissue of classical music masterpieces by ESOTERIC has attracted a lot of attention, both for its uncompromising commitment to recreating the original master sound, and for using hybrid Super Audio CD (SACD) technology to improve sound quality. This series marks the first hybrid SACD release of historical recording selections that have been mainstays of the catalog since their initial release. These new audio versions feature ESOTERIC’s proprietary re-mastering process to achieve the highest level of sound quality.

ESOTERIC equipment used for re-mastering

The criterion of re-mastering is to faithfully capture the quality of the original master. ESOTERIC’s flag ship D/A converters, model D-01VU, Rubidium master clock generator model G-0Rb and ESOTERIC MEXCEL interconnect cables and power cords, were all used for this re-mastering session. This combination of highly advanced technology greatly contributed to capturing the high quality sound of the original master.

Experience by yourself…

Experience the legendary performance in this new Super Audio CD/CD format. Not only for new followers, but also for well experienced followers of these recorded materials. All will be equally impressed by the “soul” hidden within the notes, but never before found in previously released recordings in any format.

Title and track list
Notenbüchilein Für Anna Magdalena Bach (1725)
- A Selection -
1. Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750): Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme from: Cantata BWV140/organ prelude BWV645
2. J.S.Bach: O Ewigkeit, du Donnerwort Chorale No.42, BWV513
3. Anon: Gedenke doch, mein Geist zurücke Aria No.41, BWV509
4. J.S.Bach: Wer nur den, mein Geist Zurücke Chorale No.11, BWV691
5. François Couperin (1668-1733): Rondeau No.6, "Les Bergeries" BWV Anhang 183
6. Anon: Musette No.22 BWV Anhang 126
7. Christian Petzold (1677-1733): Menuet No.4·Menuet No.5 BWV Anhang114&115
8. J.S.Bach: Gib dich zufrieden und sei stille Chorale No.12, BWV510
9. J.S.Bach: Gib dich zufrieden und sei stille Chorale No.13a, BWV511
10. Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714-1788): Marche·Plonaise·Marche·Plonaise Nos.16-19, BWV Anhang122-125
11. Anon: Erbauliche Gedanken eins Tobachrauchers (So oft ich meine Tobachspfeife) Aria No.20b(c), BWV515a (?Gottfried Heinrich Bach, 1724-1761)
12. J.S.Bach:Prelude and Fugue in C No.29, BWV846
13. Anon: Wie wohl ist mir, o Freund der Seelen Aria No.40, BWV517
14. Anon: Menuet No.14 BWV Anhang 120
15. Anon: Schaff's mit mir Gott Chorale No.35, BWV514 (J.S.Bach?)
16. Anon (Giovannini,Comte de Germain?-c.1782?): Willst du dein Herz mir schenken "Aria di Gilvannini " No.37, BWV518
17. Anon (J.S.Bach?): Warum betrübst du dich Aria No.33, BWV516
18. Anon: Menuet No.36·Menuet no.15 BWV Anhang 132&121
19. J.S.Bach: Dir,dir,Jehova Chorale No.39, BWV299
20. Gotfried Heinrich Stölzel (1690-1749): Bist du bei mir Aria no.25, BWV508
21. J.S.Bach: Aria No.26 BWV988 (Goldberg Variations)
22. Anon (Gottfried Heinrich Bach?): So oft ich meine Tobackspfeife Aria No.20a, BWV515
23. J.S.Bach: Ich habe genug! Recitativo No.34, BWV82.ii
24. J.S.Bach: Schlummert ein, ihr matten Augen Aria No.34/38, BWV82.iii
Directed by Stephen Stubbs
John Ptter, tenor
Emily Van Evera, soprano
Harvey Brough, baritone
Richard Wistreich, bass
Erin Headley, viola da gamba:
Peter Hu¨tmannsberger (afte Stainer) 1989
Andrew Lawrence - King, organ: Bernhard Junghänel 1990. arpanetta: Roger Rose
(after an original in the Victoria & Albert Museun) 1989, double harp: Simon Capp1990, tripke harp: Tim Hobrough (after Mersenne) 1989
Stephen Stubbs (director), lute:
Stephen Barber 1991
Recording Location: St.Andrew's Church, Toddington,
April 1991
Exective producers: Wolfgang Mohr, Maria Prohmann
Recording producer, recording engineer and digital editing: Jaohn Hadden
Producer: Motoaki Ohmachi (ESOTERIC COMPANY)
Mastering Engineer: Kazuie Sugimoto (Victor Creative Media Co., Ltd. Mastering Center)