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Seeking a world of sound unknown until now, MEXCEL cables are entering new territory in a quest for further greatness

MEXCEL has a single goal: To master new and unprecedented territory for audio cables. Since its appearance in 2004, MEXCEL brought major innovation to the field of audio cables, pioneering new technology and creating many legendary products in the process. Mitsubishi Cable Industries, developer of cutting-edge cables for the aerospace and defense industries, teamed up with audio cable specialist ACROLINK for this endeavor. Joint development by those two companies and ESOTERIC has given birth to MEXCEL cables delivering flat transmission characteristics with a wide frequency range going beyond the gigahertz frequency zone. The tremendous information volume carried by gigahertz frequency zone transmission has combined with high-purity 7N Cu (99.99999%) to unleash the potential of audio systems, transcending established concepts for analog and digital transmission cables.

Now the second generation of MEXCEL cables is here as the result of our quest for a maturity of musical expression that cannot be achieved by simply accumulating technologies. Making full use of the nine years since the appearance of the first generation, we have now reached a new milestone with products destined to spur a tide of change never before seen in the history of audio cables.

Digital/Audio Cable 7N-DA6300II MEXCEL / 7N-DA6100II MEXCEL
Digital/Audio Cable 7N-A2500II MEXCEL
Digital/Audio Cable 7N-DA3300 MEXCEL / 7N-DA3100 MEXCEL
Speaker cable 7N-S10000II MEXCEL

The ultimate MEXCEL technology for coating each and every wire with insulation

The greatest feature of MEXCEL cables is their ability to do flat transmission without fluctuation in impedance even in frequency bands up to the gigahertz range. MEXCEL employs conductor material technology that utilizes the MEDIS electro-deposition insulation method developed by Mitsubishi Cable Industries. This revolutionary method for electroplating insulating resin achieves uniform insulation for any shape, and it can even be applied to flat wires where insulation treatment of the four corners was previously extremely difficult. Through the insulation treatment of each and every wire, conductor area can be maximized and the attenuation of high-frequency characteristics caused by the "skin effect" minimized. The result is the acquisition of gigahertz flat transmission characteristics boasting an incomparable wide range.

Gigahertz level flat transmission
A megahertz is ten times larger than 100 kilohertz, and a gigahertz is a further 1,000 times larger, so 1 GHz is 1 billion Hz. At the gigahertz level, extremely accurate waveform transmission without corruption to the signal waveform is possible in digital transmission. Even in analog transmission, flat frequency response can be achieved in the entire audible range, and, in addition, the response at high frequencies of almost vertical waveforms increases, exhibiting excellent effects in areas such as onset and offset of sound.

Main Features of the MEXCEL Cable Series

99.99999% purity "Stressfree" processing for transmission characteristics at a constantly high level

As the main conductor, MEXCEL series cables incorporate D.U.C.C.* 7N Cu developed by Mitsubishi Cable Industries. With 99.99999% purity, controlled in a base material production process equivalent to that used for semiconductors where high-level quality assurance is demanded, total metallic impurities are kept to less than 0.1 ppm. Metallic purity analysis itself requires precise know-how, and that highly accurate analysis technology is what guarantees such high purity. With respect to crystalline structure deterioration caused by bending when in use, excellent transmission characteristics are maintained using special "Stressfree" processing developed by ACROLINK for self-annealing at room temperature to preserve the optimal crystalline condition.

* D.U.C.C.
Dia Ultra Crystallized Copper (D.U.C.C.) is a high-purity copper conductor material for audio cables. It was developed Mitsubishi Cable Industries. Its crystal grains are grown to many tens of times larger than those of ordinary pure copper, and the crystalline lattice is given unified directionality. The larger the crystal grains, the smaller the crystal grain boundary (boundary between individual crystals), thus providing greater benefit in terms of sound quality. However, the directionality of the metal crystals needs to be unified. That directionality can be observed using analysis phenomena involving irradiating with X-rays, but optimizing production processes such as those for bus production, wire drawing, and annealing results in excellent wire materials with the "optimum directionality for audio signal transmission."

Esoteric connectors that bring out the full power of MEXCEL cables

Much attention was also paid to using connectors that bring out the excellent characteristics of MEXCEL cables. By selecting the material best matching the character of the individual product, uncompromisingly great sound quality is gained from reference-grade through standard-model cables.

RCA plugs for the 7N-DA6100II and 7N-A2500II use beryllium copper with excellent conductive properties and mechanical strength for the center connector pins. Those are given a mirror polish and finished in silver + rhodium plating. Plug covers use carbon fabric + aluminum for the effects in controlling vibration and reducing noise.

For the 7N-DA3100 RCA plugs, copper-tellurium was chosen for the hot side and beryllium copper for the cold side. They are finished with direct rhodium plating, and carbon fabric + aluminum covers are attached as with high-end models.

XLR plugs use beryllium copper (phosphor bronze for the 7N-DA3300) contact pins, and they boast stable high sound quality over the long term thanks to treatment with direct rhodium plating. The center contact pins of BNC plugs use phosphor bronze, which is cut from ingots and which boasts excellent sound quality only available from such a valuable rare material, and they are finished in 24K gold plating. All models of XLR/RCA plugs except for the 7N-DA3300 have a hollow pin structure, boasting about twice the surface area of ordinary plugs for even greater performance.

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