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ESOTERIC MG-20 Floor Standing Speaker System / MG-10 Bookshelf Speaker System
MG-20 Floor Standing Speaker System / MG-10 Bookshelf Speaker System
ESOTERIC 20th Anniversary Model Exclusive ESOTERIC magnesium diaphragm technology meets elegant British engineering.
Floor Standing Speaker System


Bookshelf Speaker System


A new speaker line, incorporating a new technical application of magnesium alloy diaphragms (96% Mg), for individual driver components

This new Mg technology was designed by ESOTERIC's engineering department and final assembly takes place under ESOTERIC supervision in the U.K. by world-renowned British manufacturer, TANNOY Ltd. ESOTERIC's first all magnesium diaphragm two way loudspeaker line is an integration of proprietary diaphragm technology, newly developed sound engineering expertise and state of the art British assembly techniques.

High sensitivity Magnesium diaphragm - superior acoustic characteristics

The Mg diaphragm features extremely high sensitivity, exceptionally smooth transient response and crystal-clear acoustic transparency. Mg is extremely lightweight and this characteristic is essential for reproducing delicate information recorded in the source without coloration. The Mg diaphragms are highly sensitive and provide extremely fast acoustic response. Mg has the highest specific intensity and rigidity among industrial metals; therefore, the attack of instruments is very sharp and crystal-clear thanks to ultra fast sonic propagation,(which is about three times faster than conventional paper cones!). Mg cones reproduce precisely the subtlest of musical information, providing a deeper and wider sound stage. For additional neutrality, dust caps are also made from the specially sealed Mg compound.

High sensitivity Magnesium diaphragm - superior acoustic characteristics

Mg has a superior vibration absorption quality (higher internal loss), as compared to other conventional metals. This provides outstanding resonance control capability. The use of Mg cones has a very natural sound character, free from metallic or paper resonance. The sequential input signal reproduction is always kept very clear without any coloration or distortion.

  Mg alloy AL alloy Titanium Paper
Specific gravity (g/cm3) 1.77 2.72 4.54 0.50
Sonic propagation (m/s) 4880 4950 4950 1650
Internal dissipation 0.005 0.002 0.002 0.04
Data provided by NIPPON KINZOKU May, 2007

Newly designed high power driver components

The high frequency Mg driver incorporates a powerful neodymium magnet equipped with a damped cavity rear chamber to improve low end tweeter response. The woofer driver unit is driven by a large ferrite magnet providing exceptional power handling capability and dynamic range. The second magnet is added to the woofer component to apply an optimal magnetic field within the air gap. This design reduces distortion created by magnetic flux.

British craftsmanship-excellent cabinet design

Utilizing proven acoustic benefits of a trapezoidal cabinet design, ESOTERIC's new speaker line bears a hallmark of traditional craftsmanship combined with a more contemporary feel. Specially selected birch (front baffle: T25 mm), with American cherry wood veneer is used for finishing the cabinet. The solid American cherry wood side rails provide strength and rigidity, joining the front baffle to the cabinet resulting in a very high quality finish. The combination of heavily damped materials, comprehensive internal bracing and non-parallel side panels, all help to alleviate the problems associated with standing waves. This custom design helps the loudspeaker to be free from unwanted resonance.

Carefully designed crossover network and audiophile quality components

All components are high precision, low-loss and thermally stable. For high frequency feed a UK made ICW polypropylene audio grade 'Clarity Cap' capacitor is used. This special cap provides a leading edge sonic consistency; exceptional dynamics, realistic focus, correct timbre and true depth of field. Enlarged and laminated silicone steel core inductors are used to avoid acoustic saturation effects. The network component is hard wired and there is no PCB board to degrade sound quality. Top quality van den Hul silver coated wiring is used throughout for complete integrity of the signal path.

Bi wire speaker terminals plus a GND terminal

The bi wire terminals on the rear panel feature an "earth," or grounding point. With the driver chassis grounded, this proven technology minimizes the effects of RF interference and results in a more transparent midrange.

  MG-10 MG-20
DRIVER TYPE 25mm (1/2 ")
magnesium dome HF
165mm (6-1/2 ")
magnesium cone LF
2×165mm (6-1/2")
magnesium cone LF
(for 2.83volt at 1metre)
87.5dB 89dB
POWER RATING 75watt 90watt
POWER RATING (RMS) 300watt peak 360watt peak
MINIMUM IMPEDANCE 3.8ohms 3.7ohms
CROSSOVER TYPE 2nd order LF, 3rd order HF.Bi-Wired, Hard-Wired passive, low loss.
41Hz to 44kHz 38Hz to 44kHz
CABINET CONSTRUCTION High density birch plywood. Internally cross braced and heavily damped.
RECOMMENDED AMPLIFIER POWER 20 to 120 watts per channel 20 to 170 watts per channel
216×440×271 mm
(8-1/2×17-5/16×10-11/16 ")
216×1060×271 mm
(8-1/2×41-3/4×10-11/16 ")
ENCLOSURE VOLUME 13liter (7/16 cu.ft.) 21.5liter (3/4 cu.ft.)
ENCLOSURE WEIGHT 7.5kg (16-1/2 lbs) 15kg (33 lbs)
- Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
- This product is available in three different power supply variations shown in the chart above. Make sure that the voltage shown on the rear panel matches the AC line voltage in your area.
- The shape of the AC inlet and plug of the supplied power cord depends on the voltage rating and destination country.

PS-150 PS-150

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