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ESOTERIC P-01 Super Audio CD/CD Transport
P-01 Super Audio CD/CD Transport
The world's finest separate digital source playback system, designed to meet the challenge of capturing all the potential of the Super Audio CD format.
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  • Stereo Sound “The Best Buy Component” CD transport category third prize

Equipped with ESOTERIC's most advanced VRDS-NEO mechanism evolved from the critically acclaimed X-01.

High stiffness bearing VRDS-NEO mechanism Rigidity and vibration-resistant ability is improved by the use of a half inch-thick solid shaved-aluminum mechanism base plate. The motor of the tray open/close mechanism is the same type as that used for the pick-up motor, a three-phase brushless speed-controlled neodymium motor. The smooth, elegant opening and closing motion is reflective of the superb quality of this high-end player.
(VRDS-NEO Mechanism)

Ultra-high-rigid body construction isolates the unit from internal and external vibrations.

High stiffness bearing body construction The main chassis consists of a 10mm-thick/10lb. steel bottom frame that provides a rigid, stable base for the player greatly improving data acquisition accuracy. Thick aluminum is used on the top, side and front panels to further block vibration. The chassis is supported by four pinpoint feet (patent pending) that allow the unit to be mechanically isolated from its environment. The front panel, with its highly elegant brushed finish, curved corner design and other features, contribute to the sense of quality found only in the world′s finest SA-CD/CD transport.

Separate power supply unit, utilizing an isolation theory inherited from the P-0.

P-01 power supply unit The power supply unit is separated from the main unit in order to provide very high-performancesupply voltages while completely isolating the player from the power conversion process. This power supply unit consists of three transformers: one for the mechanism motors, another for the signal processor / up-converter, and a third for digital processing (i.e. clock circuit). Transformers for the mechanism motors and the digital processor and extremely efficient WB type transformers.

Equipped with i.LINK interface in addition to ESOTERIC's proprietary ES-LINK format.
Up-convertible digital audio output (CD format only)/word synchronization.

output terminal

i.LINK cable
Digital audio output signal has reduced jitter and is up-converted by the use of a highly accurate crystal master clock generator (+/-3ppm) and DSRLL (digital servo ratio loop) circuit. PCM formatted signal (CD) is up-convertible to as high as fs192kHz. DSD signal (SA-CD 1 bit 64 fs) is output directly without conversion.

Up-converted output terminals are: 6 XLR terminals (6 connectors = L, R, C, SW, LS, RS for ES-LINK, 3 connectors = L/R, C/SW, LS/RS for digital XLR), 3 RCA terminals (3 connectors = L/R, C/SW, LS/RS), i.LINK terminals (2 connectors). Non-up-convert terminal is: RCA (1 system). SA-CD DSD format signal cannot be output from RCA terminals.

SA-CD DSD format signal is output from i.LINK interface or output from the XLR terminals by ESOTERIC's proprietary ES-LINK format. The unit outputs a DSD signal automatically by ES-LINK when the unit is set to XLR DUAL output mode.

The P-01 can accept a master clock from other equipment. Accepted word synchronization input formats are: 44.1/88.2/176.4/48/96/192/100kHz, and 10MHz.When the input Word clock signal frequency is the same as the output sampling frequency, phase error between the clock signal and output signal is kept within 10 degrees. There are two word synchronization modes, normal IN mode and Rb IN mode. The PLL circuit is used for the Rb IN mode, specialized for highly accurate clock signals.

Superior quality internal wiring/DC power cable

DC cable ESOTERIC selected 6N pure copper conductors for all internal wiring as well as the AC cord and DC cables that connect the power supply to the main unit. This superior cabling achieves higher resolution and improved sound texture. The 6N cable outer jacket is Polyolefin PVC free material. None of the other wire jaketing contains PVCs to protect against environmental pollution.

High purity 6N copper wire DC cable
Stressfree 6N-DCP01(1.2m~2)Attachment
Compatible with P-0/P-0s/P-0svu

System Super Audio CD, CD, CD-R, and CD-RW
Digital output i.LINK (IEEE1394) jacks ×2
XLR ×6 ES-LINK output 6 terminals (L,R,C,SW,LS,RS)*1
XLR output 3 terminals (L/R, C/SW, LS/RS)*1
RCA jacks ×3 3 terminals (L/R, C/SW, LS/RS)*2
RCA jacks ×1 NORMAL
Word synchronization input BNC ×1
General Power supply AC 100V 50/60Hz
AC 120V 60Hz
AC 230V 50Hz
Power consumption 29W
External dimensions
Main unit 445×158×420 mm
(17-5/8×6-1/4×16-5/8 ")
Power supply unit 240×158×420 mm
(9-1/2×6-1/4×16-5/8 ")
Weight Main unit 28kg (61.8 lbs)
Power supply unit 16kg (35.3 lbs)
*1:These XLR terminals are used for units with ES-LINK capability.
*2:These RCA jacks are provided for DVD-Audio use. At this time, this unit does not output DVD-Audio format signals and these connectors are not functional.
*3:CD, CD-R/RW format only. These RCA jacks do not output SACD DSD formatted signals. DSD Digital signals will output through the ES-LINK or IEEE1394 outputs.
- Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
- This product is available in three different power supply variations shown in the chart above. Make sure that the voltage shown on the rear panel matches the AC line voltage in your area.
- The shape of the AC inlet and plug of the supplied power cord depends on the voltage rating and destination country.

DC cable


Stressfree 6N DC cable

P-01 P-01 P-01

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