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ESOTERIC P-03 Super Audio CD/CD Transport
P-03 Super Audio CD/CD Transport
Newly advanced VRDS-NEO mechanism supported by a highly rigid body construction. ESOTERIC's CD/Super Audio CD system features PCM to DSD conversion functionality in addition to a PCM up-convert function.
The Absolute Sound “2011 Editor's Choice Award”    The Absolute Sound “2011 Editor's Choice Award”

  • Stereo Sound “2010-2011Best Value Component”
    digital disc transport category second prize

Stereo Sound “The Best Buy Component 2009-2010” CD transport category third prize
   Stereo Sound “The Best Buy Component 2009-2010”
CD transport category third prize

  • Stereo Sound “The Best Buy Component”
    CD transport category third prize

Refined P-01 type VRDS-NEO mechanism

VRDS-NEO A pair of precision ceramic ball bearings used for the P-03 VRDS-NEO mechanism was newly developed exclusively for the P-03 transport, in collaboration with NSK Ltd. This ball bearing system supports a smooth and precisely controlled turntable rotation from low speed to very high speed.(VRDS-NEO Mechanism)

The P-03 features a newly developed Disc Tray Shutter mechanism. When the disc tray is closed, this shutter seals the front tray opening. As a result, the shutter shields the internal mechanism, reducing any mechanical vibration induced by external noise sources such as loudspeaker sound pressure.

Highly rigid integrated one-piece body style containing separate power supply and transport compartments. The integrated separate-chassis construction is based on the same design concept of the P-01.

Double block structure of complete separation The ESOTERIC flagship P-01 transport features an external power supply unit which provides ideal high-purity DC power with ample reserves. The power supply unit within the new model P-03 is based on the same design concept of the P-01, featuring a separate power supply unit integrated into a one-piece chassis design. The transport unit features a highly rigid internal chassis to support the high-mass mechanism.

The isolated power supply unit features two transformers; one for the mechanism/motor drive and the other for all signal processing. The transformer for mechanism/motor drive is a WB transformer, providing excellent instantaneous current power to the system. The transformer for signal processing is an R-core type which has very low magnetic flux leakage and vibration.

Thick aluminum front panel, side panels, top panels and front-corner rounded block covers complete the integrated chassis which is supported by a 5mm-thick steel bottom chassis and three pinpoint isolation feet (patent pending), made of quenched steel. The approx. 30kg (66lb.), highest mass design ESOTERIC has ever produced, offers highly precise mechanical mounting and highly rigid / non resonant chassis construction.

CD digital audio output features DSD conversion function in addition to PCM signal up-conversion.

Digital audio output board and DSD conversion board The P-03 can output up-converted digital audio signals and a high precision crystal clock oscillator reduces jitter within the signal path. The up-convert function offers maximum fs 176.4kHz digital signal transmission. (DSD/1 bit 64 fs signal for Super Audio CD is directly transmitted without up-conversion.) In addition to this function, the P-03 features an all new PCM to DSD signal conversion mode for standard CD playback. You can choose the most suitable digital conversion from a wide range of options to match your personal taste, the variances in the recording source, the category of music and to your other components' response characteristics.

Word Synchronization

Rear panel The new P-03 transport features a WORD SYNC input terminal to synchronize it's operation to the D/A converter, by use of the incoming external WORD clock signal. The P-03 can operate with 44.1/88.2/176.4/or 100 kHz clock signals. The P-03 can operate using the ESOTERIC original 100kHz Universal Clock signal. The incoming ultra-stable clock signal produced by external components such as the G-0s Rubidium master clock), effectively reduces jitter and prevents signal phase shifting.

Selected high-grade parts and internal wiring.

High purity 6N (99.9999%) copper wire strands are used for main internal wiring. This feature contributes to the detailed and beautiful sonically textured sound expression of the P-03.

The RCA digital output connector features pure copper + a gold plated WBT "nextgen",socket for greater sound purity and true 75 Ohm characteristic impedance.

High quality AC power inlet features a Rhodium plated pure copper terminal with ultra low temperature treatment.

Super Audio CD's play area can be switched from a front panel button.

Switching between the CD layer and Super Audio CD layer is accessible from a front panel button in addition to the remote control.

System Super Audio CD, CD, CD-R, and CD-RW
Digital Audio Output i.LINK ×1
XLR ×2
RCA ×1
Word Clock Input BNC ×1
General Power supply AC 230V 50Hz
AC 120V 60Hz
AC 220V 60Hz
Power consumption 24W
External dimensions
445×159×437 mm
(17-1/2×6-1/4×17-3/16 ")
Weight 30kg (66-1/8lbs)
- Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
- This product is available in three different power supply variations shown in the chart above. Make sure that the voltage shown on the rear panel matches the AC line voltage in your area.
- The shape of the AC inlet and plug of the supplied power cord depends on the voltage rating and destination country.

P-03 P-03 P-03

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