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ESOTERIC SZ-1 Super Audio CD/CD Player
SZ-1 Super Audio CD/CD Player
High musicality in a sophisticated new presence! SACD/CD player designed for high-end digital source playback.

DSD / PCM compatible D / A converter

The SZ-1 features CIRRUS LOGIC's CS4398 D/A converter which can process both PCM and DSD native formats. The CS4398 features "Direct" mode for extremely smooth sound reproduction of SACDs. In this mode DSD (Direct stream digital), signals are converted to analog signals and routed to the final output stage without passing through any extra processing circuit such as a volume control. This helps to reduce noise across the DSD output signal path.

ESOTERIC original high precision laser pick-up and disc transport system

The SZ-1 features many high-end technologies proprietary to ESOTERIC including a newly designed disc transport system and disc clamp. The shaft-sliding horizontal pick-up structure is also an ESOTERIC original design. This design prevents laser optical off-axis tilting. This results in more accurate reading and processing of digital data. Unlike conventional players, ESOTERIC's horizontal sled and vertical tracking alignment greatly reduce or eliminate the need to error correct. This allows more information to be read from the disc. This technology evolved from ESOTERIC's flagship model P-01 SACD/CD transport. This original pick up assembly, horizontal sled, and our newly developed transport are used in both the SZ-1 and the UZ-1. (SZ-1 inside view)

i.LINK digital output terminal

Digital signals in every format can be output from i.LINK (AUDIO S400), terminals. ESOTERIC's new flow-rate-control technology contributes to higher-grade signal transmission along this path.

WORD SYNC IN terminal

The SZ-1 features a WORD SYNC IN terminal. As an option, you can improve performance of the SZ-1 by synchronizing its operation to a stable clock signal coming from an external master clock generator (such as ESOTERIC's AZ-1 digital amplifier, G25U master clock or G-0s rubidium signal generator).

System Super Audio CD, CD, CD-R, and CD-RW
Audio output Analog audio RCA (L/R) ×1, XLR (L/R) ×1
Digital audio i.LINK ×1, COAXIAL ×1, OPTICAL ×1
Word synchronization input BNC ×1
Input level TTL level/75ohms
Input frequency 44.1/88.2/176.4/100 kHz
Analog audio response
(Output: DSD/Setting: Normal)
Frequency response 10Hz to 50kHz (Super Audio CD)
S/N ratio 130dB (Super Audio CD)
Dynamic range 107dB (Super Audio CD)
Total harmonic distortion 0.002% (Super Audio CD)
General Power supply AC 120V 60Hz
AC 230V 50Hz
Power consumption 18W (Stand-by: approx. 1.5W)
External dimensions (W×H×D) 400×77×361 mm
(15-7/10×3×14-2/5 ")
Weight 8.4kg (18.5lbs)
- Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
- This product is available in three different power supply variations shown in the chart above. Make sure that the voltage shown on the rear panel matches the AC line voltage in your area.
- The shape of the AC inlet and plug of the supplied power cord depends on the voltage rating and destination country.

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sz1 sz1

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