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ESOTERIC X-01D2 Super Audio CD/CD Player
X-01D2 Super Audio CD/CD Player

The X-01D2: the flagship of ESOTERIC's "X" series integrated Super Audio CD/CD players opens a new realm of audio reproduction.
The X-01D2 incorporates ESOTERIC's P-03 series VRDS-NEO mechanism and dual D/A converter system. This new audio system includes a proprietary DSD/PCM interactive signal conversion function.

The P-03 VRDS-NEO mechanism, enhanced from the original X-01 mechanism, is an integration of ESOTERIC's highest grade "mechatronics," technologies, providing the ultimate experience in sound reproduction.

A pair of precise ball bearings is used in the spindle shaft bearing unit and a pre-load is applied to the bearing inner rings. This design significantly reduces any potential for rattling and shaft shaking during use. The use of these specialized ball bearings dramatically increases the precision of the bearing unit, and greatly improves rotation and positioning accuracy. The ceramic ball bearings support smooth and precisely controlled turntable rotation from low speed to high speed.

When the disc tray is closed, the shutter seals the front tray opening. As a result, the shutter shields the internal mechanism, reducing any mechanical or sound pressure vibration induced by external noises (such as those created by loudspeakers).

High End Digital Technology

The X-01D2 has high quality, dual D/A converter devices on board: the Analog Devices "AD1955" DSD and PCM compatible device and the Burr Brown "PCM 1704" multi-bit device.
ESOTERIC's exclusive "D2," technology applies interactive format conversion functions between PCM and DSD, delivering maximum capability and flexibility for digital audio formats.
A perpetual quest for source quality --- The X-01D2 applies the essence of the D-03 D/A converter technology: dual mono front 2 channel audio circuit boards.

Dedicated high quality 2 channel audio output

The X-01D2 incorporates two different DAC devices; Analog devices AD1955 (PCM/DSD compatible DAC), and Burr Brown PCM1704 (multi-bit DAC). These two DAC devices offer three different DAC mode selections (multi-bit, 1-bit, and DSD mode), to meet wide variations of audio disc sources and to allow for a wide range of consumer choice.
The AD1955 is used for DSD signal processing (Super Audio CD), and PCM/DSD interactive conversion function. The AD1955 contributes to reproduce the musical source, with full ambience throughout the entire audio range, while also providing a very smooth sound quality.
The PCM1704 is used for PCM signal processing (CD). Following the established design of the X-01 series, four pieces of PCM1704 are used per channel to work in a differential mode. This design improves S/N ratio and provides high linearity of the source. The listener can enjoy etched sound imaging and low level signal linearity that only the multi-bit DAC can deliver.
In addition to these 2 modes, the AD1955's built-in 1-bit DAC is selectable. In this 1-bit mode, the DSD signal is converted to a PCM signal, and then converted through the 1-bit DAC.

[ Mode Selection ]

Signal source DAC mode

Multi-bit mode / 1bit mode / DSD mode
Source DAC mode Front 2 channel Surround Channel
Multi-bit [ Multi-bit DAC ] (NON)
1bit [ 1bit DAC ]
DSD [ DSD convert ]
→ [ DSD DAC ]
Multi-bit [ PCM convert ]
→ [ Multi-bit DAC ]
[ PCM convert ] → [ 1bit DAC ]
1bit [ PCM convert ]
→ [ 1bit DAC ]

High quality analog audio output for multi-channel support equipped with AD1955 DAC devices

The X-01D2 features the same Analog Devices AD1955 implementation for multi-channel audio output (The X-01D2 includes 6 pieces of AD1955 for 2 channel and multi-channel circuits). The 2 channel analog audio circuit and multi-channel analog audio circuits are identical in their components and layout. This implementation helps to reduce quality differences between 2 channel and multi-channel, achieving more natural and seamless multi-channel surround sound playback.

i.LINK (IEEE1394), interface with flow-rate-control

Audio grade i.LINK (IEEE1394), circuit designed by ESOTERIC with flow-rate-control technology provides jitter free signal transmission. High grade digital signals read from Super Audio CD sources can be transmitted to other i.LINK devices equipped with flow-rate-control. These devices may include a multi-channel D/A converter, A/V surround sound processor or A/V receiver equipped with the i.LINK connection.

Word synchronization

The X-01D2 features a WORD SYNC input terminal to accept an incoming external WORD clock signal. The input can operate with 44.1 / 88.2 / 100 / 176.4 kHz clock signals. The unit can operate using an ESOTERIC original 100 kHz Universal Clock signal. The incoming ultra-stable clock signal produced by external components, such as a master clock generator, effectively upgrade the unit, delivering higher performance with better defined and more natural sound. Because master clocks generate a signal to re-time the DAC and transport, transparency, staging, imaging and detail often improve.

Selected high-grade parts and internal wiring

The X-01D2 uses two separate power supplies for digital and analog components. Each power supply uses an R-core transformer. This proprietary design implementation is highly efficient, reducing adverse effects on playback such as magnetic flux leakage, vibration or system noise. Furthermore, the power supply circuit is completely separated from the audio circuit board to minimize these adverse effects.

High purity 6N (99.9999%), copper wire strands are used for main internal wiring. This wiring contributes to very high acoustic detail and finely textured sound expression from the X-01D2.

The X-01D2 applies WBT "nextgen," RCA terminals with a conductive core made of pure material (gold plated pure copper), for analog audio output (L/R: front 2 channel) and digital audio output.

High quality AC power inlet features Rhodium plated pure copper terminal with ultra low temperature treatment. This reduces noise associated with power input.

High grade audio components such as German made WIMA film capacitors, and Burr Brown operational amplifiers, contribute to more dynamic three-dimensional sound reproduction from the X-01D2.

Highly rigid, center mounted chassis construction

The X-01D2 chassis design is a perfect integration of ESOTERIC's state-of-the-art "mechatronics," technologies, allowing precise mechanism mounting and highly-rigid, resonance-free system construction. The internal sub chassis is divided into 3 sections to achieve high rigidity and optimal circuit layout, reducing interference between each circuit component.
The high mass VRDS-NEO mechanism is securely mounted on the center division of the sub chassis to achieve optimal rigidity. The chassis is supported by three pinpoint isolation feet made of quenched steel, allowing the unit to be mechanically isolated from its environment. The front panel is made of thick extruded aluminum, the top panel (with exquisitely engraved "ESOTERIC" logo), and side panels are also made of thick aluminum. This heavy construction, combined with the Disc Tray Shutter mechanism, isolate the unit from external adverse effects such as sound pressure from loudspeakers or other external vibrations. Internal vibrations are also damped by the use of this hardened "chassis in chassis" system design.

System Super Audio CD, CD, CD-R, and CD-RWM
Audio output (Analog Audio) Jacks XLR jacks (2 channels) ×1
RCA jacks (5.1 channels) ×1
Maximum Output level (1kHz, full scale) 2.2Vrms (RCA, XLR)
Frequency response 5Hz to 50kHz (-3dB)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (S/N) 116dB
Total harmonic distortion 0.0015% (1kHz)
Audio output (Digital Audio) OPTICAL Optical digital jack ×1
*i.LINK (AUDIO) i.LINK (AUDIO) terminal ×1
Word Synchronization input format Jack BNC
Input level 4.5Vp-p/75ohms
General Power supply AC 230V 50Hz
AC 120V 60Hz
AC 220V 60Hz
Power consumption 39W
External dimensions (W×H×D) 442×153×353 mm
(17.4×6.0×13.9 ")
Weight 25kg (55-1/16lbs)
- Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
- This product is available in three different power supply variations shown in the chart above. Make sure that the voltage shown on the rear panel matches the AC line voltage in your area.
- The shape of the AC inlet and plug of the supplied power cord depends on the voltage rating and destination country.

X01D2 X01D2 X01D2
X01D2 X01D2

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