The E-02 is reviewed on the haute-fidélité magazine

The E-02 Balanced Phonostage Preamplifier is reviewed on the French hi-fi magazine haute-fidélité May 2023 issue.



The E-02, the brand's only phono, is designed with the same meticulous rigour than other Esoteric's products.
The absence of a transformer for the benefit of a discrete circuit pre-amplification allows great flexibility in the choice of load. This offers a lot of definition, clarity and separation, always in a delicate and nuanced way, without forcing the line.

Its symmetrical structure reduces the background noise drastically. The Esoteric E-02 rising to the height of your discotheque, read by the most beautiful MCs cartridges, stereo or mono, in the pure Esoteric spirit.
Approaching closer to a certain perfection, at all levels, The Esoteric E-02 is a phono virtuoso.

  • Sound : 8/8
  • Dynamic : 7/8
  • Soundstage : 8/8
  • Value for money : 7/8

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