N-05XD New I/F Firmware V1.11b and USB with MQA Firmware are now available.


We are pleased to announce that the N-05XD I/F Firmware V1.11b and USB with MQA Firmware V110502 updates are now available.
Please see the download page.

I/F Firmware V1.11b

  • The clock transmission method to the MQA decoder has been changed to improve sound quality. (Simultaneous update of the MQA decoder firmware to V110502 or later is required.)
  • "FIXL" was added as an option for analog audio output level setting (L_VOL).  (When FIXL is selected, PCM 0dB and DSD 0dB output levels are the same.)
  • Added "Hpmax" (maximum volume setting for headphones).  (Allows the user to set the maximum volume for the headphone output)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the display to show FLAC when playing ALAC files.
  • Added volume down indication when power is turned off while volume is in use.

USB with MQA Firmware V110502

  • Improve noise issue when starting decoding.