Press release

New firmware release for the N-01XD, N-03T and the N-05XD, supporting RAAT mode exclusively designed for Roon Ready to improve sound quality.


We are pleased to announce that the new firmware update for the Esoteric network players, N-01XD, N-03T and N-05XD is now available, that supports "RAAT mode" specially designed for Roon Ready. By updating the firmware, newly added RAAT mode improves sound quality when lisetening to streaming music via Roon.



About RAAT(Roon Advanced Audio Transport) mode
The RAAT mode improves the sound via Roon by disabling unnecessary processings except for Roon processing and using the CPU power exclusive for Roon precessing.

When the RAAT mode is selected, every network function/control except Roon is disabled, including remote control from the Esoteric SoundStream and other OpenHome-based remote control apps, as well as other streaming services including Spotify Connect, Tidal, TuneIn and Qobuz.

* Streaming services from Tidal and Qobuz via Roon app is still enabled when the RAAT mode is selected.
* In case Roon, Spotify Connect, Tidal, and Qobuz are not in used, turning those functions off from the Network Player Option menu on the Esoteric Sound Stream app improves sound quality when listening to streaming music from NAS music server.

N-01XD/N-03T/N-05XD Firmware Update (common on those models)
  • Added RAAT mode specifically for Roon.
N-01XD Firmware Update
  • Improved audio playback start timing
  • Added the ability to set the "READY" display method for USB/NET.
  • Added the ability to pause playback by pressing and holding the ">" button on the main unit during NET input playback.
  • Improved operation and fixed minor bugs.
N-03T Firmware Update
  • Add RAAT, Volume ON display
  • Improve some performances and minor bug fix
N-05XD Firmware Update
  • Improve some performances and minor bug fix
About Firmware Update

Besides the main unit firmware update, the N-01XD/N-03T/N-05XD requires network module firmware update.
To do so, simply turn on the N-01XD/N-03T/N-05XD and open the ESOTERIC Sound Stream app on your tablet/smartphone, the app automatically updates the network module firmware.

Please visit the Download page on each product for firmware update process of the main unit and network module.
N-01XD Download Page
N-03T Download Page
N-05XD Download Page