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A new Master Clock Generator “G-05” will be released in Autumn 2023.


TAMA, TOKYO, JAPAN, JUL 12, 2023 – ESOTERIC COMPANY is proud to announce a new master clock generator, the G-05 to be released in Autumn, 2023.


Product Name Model Name Estimated Delivery Date Sales Region
Master Clock Generator G-05 Autumn, 2023 Worldwide
Master Clock Generator G-05 B Autumn, 2023 Worldwide


G-05 (Silver)

G-05 B (Black)



The Master Sound Discrete Clock, a completely in-house developed OCXO* clock module, has been designed to enable the combined digital source equipment to take musical expression one step further.
The G-05 Master Clock Generator is now available with this in-house developed module, which will bring out the full musical reproduction potential of the Esoteric K and N series, as well as a wide range of other digital players.
* OCXO = Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator


Key Features
  • “Master Sound Discrete Clock”, which can make the sound quality of the connected digital player more musical.
  • The G-05 can be used with Esoteric K-series, N-series and various other digital players that have a 10MHz clock input.
  • The Esoteric SXT-03, a large custom crystal oscillator with ideal electro-physical characteristics.
  • Master Sound TC, a unique total temperature control system.
  • Multi-stage heater control with 128 steps to maintain a uniform oven temperature.
  • Three independent power supplies that directly supply the optimum voltage to each circuit block for high-quality sound.
  • Esoteric-HCLD buffer circuit that can output a pure 10MHz sine wave with its powerful current transfer capability.
  • Four 10MHz sine wave clock output terminals.


Key Specifications
  • Output frequency: 10MHz
  • Frequency precision: Within ±0.01ppm (when shipped new)
  • Connectors: BNC × 4
  • Output level: Sine wave 0.5 ±0.1Vrms/50Ω
  • Power: AC120V 60Hz, AC220-240V 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: 10W (when stable)
  • Overall dimensions: (W×H×D, incl. protrusions):380 × 128 × 350mm (15” × 5 ⅛” × 13 ⅞”)
  • Weight: 10kg (22 ⅛ lb)



The new Esoteric 05 Series
Minimalist and beautiful styling distilled from Esoteric's flagship technology and quality. And the superb sound that transports the owner to a first-class listening experience. This is the core concept of the Esoteric 05 Series, the core of the Esoteric brand.
The 05 Series consists of the brand's iconic K-05XD Super Audio CD player, the N-05XD Network DAC preamplifier, and the S-05 Class A stereo power amplifier, which incorporates the development results of the Grandioso Series. In addition, the G-05 Master Clock Generator, featuring the unique Master Sound Discrete Clock, has been added to the lineup, making it possible to expand an audio system that is even freer and more suitable for the pursuit of sound quality.

Network DAC/Preamplifier

Super Audio CD/CD Player

Class A Stereo Power Amplifier