Press release

The “PS-01F” external power supply, designed exclusively for F Series integrated amplifiers, is launched.


TAMA, TOKYO, JAPAN, FEB 5, 2024 – Esoteric Company is proud to announce the “PS-01F” external power supply, designed exclusively for the F-01/F-02 integrated amplifiers. First shipments will start in April 2024.


Product Name Model Name Estimated Delivery Date Sales Region
External Power Supply for F Series Amplifier PS-01F April 2024 Worldwide




Esoteric’s top-of-the-line integrated amplifiers, the F-01 and F-02, have been designed with the development results of the flagship Grandioso “X” Edition separate amplifiers to deliver outstanding musical expression in a single integrated amplifier. The PS-01F is an external power supply for the audio circuitry of the preamp section, designed to further enhance the sound quality of the F-01/F-02.
It is important that the preamp section, which handles small signals, and the power amplifier section, which sends large currents to the speakers, are not affected by each other. By adding the PS-01F to the F-01/F-02, the preamp’s capacitance is greatly increased and clearly separated from the amplifier’s main rectifier, allowing the user to enjoy the finest details and dynamics of music, reminiscent of the Grandioso C1X, our flagship preamp with a separate power supply.

Shown with the F-01 

Key Features
  • Dedicated external power supply for the F-01/F-02’s preamp audio circuitry
  • Isolates preamp power supply from the amplfier and increases capacitance for higher sound quality
  • Extra large 200VA toroidal transformer
  • High capacitance power supply rectifier (27,200μF × 2)
  • Highly rigid, heavy-duty, thick aluminum panel enclosure
  • Esoteric’s unique pinpoint isolation feet with unique positioning of three support points
  • Semi-floating top plate for a more spacious and open sound
  • High quality sound DC cable included (1.5m / 1 cable)
Key Specifications
  • Power: AC120V 60Hz, AC220-240V 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: 10W
  • External dimensions (W×H×D, including protrusions): 146 × 128 × 353mm
  • Weight: 7kg