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Esoteric System was awarded ‘The Best of Florida International Audio Expo 2024’ by SoundStage! Hi-Fi.


At the Florida International Audio Expo 2024, a high-end audio exhibition held in February in Florida, USA, SoundStage! Hi-Fi awarded ‘The Best of Florida International Audio Expo 2024’ to the system featuring ESOTERIC N-05XD and F-02, along with TEAC TN-4D-SE turntable, Børresen X1, and Amphion Krypton3X, for producing the best sound quality at the show.

SoundStage! Hi-Fi Website https://www.soundstagehifi.com/index.php/system-one/1853-the-best-of-florida-international-audio-expo-2024

“... An integrated amplifier costing $18,000 would be expected to look upscale, of course; but the F-02, with its thick, beautifully sculpted casework, wouldn’t look out of place alongside an amp double its price.”

“... The system these speakers were part of – an Esoteric N-05XD streamer feeding digital music to an Esoteric F-02 integrated amplifier, with Esprit cables connecting everything – sounded better than any other I heard during my three days at the show.”

It certainly produced the best playback of Bruce Cockburn’s “Pacing the Cage,” from his album The Charity of Night, that I’ve ever heard. I sat there slack-jawed as Cockburn materialized uncannily before me, his acoustic guitar and voice planted solidly on the soundstage with stunning realism.”