Press release

A new concept network DAC N-01XD will be released.


TAMA, TOKYO, JAPAN, NOV 21, 2019 – ESOTERIC COMPANY is proud to announce that a new flagship network audio unit, N-01XD will be released.


Product Name Model Name Estimated Delivery Date Sales Region
Network DAC N-01XD Dec. 25, 2019 Worldwide



The N-01XD is a new concept product that accommodates full-spec D/A converter "Master Sound Discrete DAC" and versatile network capability including ES-LINK 5 supporting DSD 22.5MHz input, and allows users to connect any type of digital sources from a NAS music server to playlists on your smartphone, from music subscription services on Internet to a traditional CD player with digital output.



Key Specifications
  • Digital Inputs: Network × 1, ES-LINK 5 × 1, XLR × 1 (ES-LINK/XLR), RCA × 2, OPTICAL × 1, USB-B × 1
  • Analog Inputs: XLR × 1pair, RCA × 1pair
  • Clock Input: × 1
  • Clock Output: × 1
  • Overall Dimensions (W×H×D) : 445mm × 162mm × 447mm