Press release

Two ESOTERIC cables, the 7N-PC9900 MEXCEL and the 7N-DA6100IV MEXCEL will be released.


TAMA, TOKYO, JAPAN, JUN 4, 2019 – ESOTERIC COMPANY is proud to announce that two ESOTERIC Stressfree 7N (99.99999%) Cu cables, the 7N-PC9900 MEXCEL, a.power cable, and the 7N-DA6100IV MEXCEL, an analog/digital audio interconnect cable will be released.



Power cable



Audio interconnect cable (Left: RCA / RIght: BNC)



MEXCEL technology
The engineering design of ‘MEXCEL’ conductors is to reduce skin effect. Skin effect is the tendency of an electrical signal to travel near the surface of a conductor and cause the resistance of the conductor to increase with the frequency of the current. ‘MEXCEL’ conductors are made from a number of separately-insulated wire strands, specially twisted together to increase the surface area of conduction. This design greatly reduces the skin effect and lowers high frequency resistance, resulting in flat impedance response over the entire frequency range.



The design goal of Esotericis to recreate the original master sound. ESOTERIC is a high end audio manufacturer established in 1987. Based in Tokyo, all products (ranging from network audio players, SACD players, DACs to amplifiers) are hand built in our factory to exacting standards. Cutting edge technologies, engineering excellence, state-of-the-art Japanese craftsmanship and passion for innovation -all coming together to unveil new dimensions in musical experience.